Acetate tow

IMS Limited is an exclusive distributor of Celanese for independent factories in CIS countries and authorised representative for Middle East.

We are glad to offer a wide range of cellulose acetate tow items produced by Celanese that brings more than 70 years of experience to acetate tow production.

Cellulose acetate tow is made from acetate flake and is clean, soft, odorless and tasteless. Throughout the years, we have set the highest standards of quality so our customers get the most uniform cellulose acetate tow available.

These tow items differ in production parameters like denier per filament, total denier, crimp and moisture. The possibility of choosing different tow items permits the design of cigarette filters with a broad range of filtration characteristics.

Differentiated Acetate Tow Solutions

Broad portfolio of commercialized items

  • Range of denier / filament
  • Range of fiber bands / tow bundle
  • Range of filter formats (e.g., standard, slim)
  • Tailored fiber geometries

Various applications available

  • Heat-not-Burn
  • Capsule
  • KS/ QS/ SS/ d-shape (nano)
  • Hollow Acetate Tow
  • Non-wrapped

Strong support in filter design and item development

Highest standards of quality & Regulatory compliance